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Kenyan Wildlife Protection Initiative ‘Walk With Rangers’ to Present Petition Against Planned Rhino Hunt Signed by Rangers and Conservationists

Thursday, 23 January 2014 Hits 10536 Categories Rhinos | Wildlife News | Rhino Poaching

Kenyan Wildlife Protection Initiative ‘Walk With Rangers’ to Present Petition Against Planned Rhino Hunt Signed by Rangers and Conservationists

(Nairobi, Kenya). A Kenyan grassroots initiative, 'Walk With Rangers' has spoken out against the controversial rhino auction held by the Dallas Safari Club that saw the highest bidder, one Mr. Corey Knowlton cough up a staggering $ 350,000 to hunt an endangered black rhino in Namibia.

'The sum is pittance compared to the value of our wildlife.' Says Raabia Hawa, an Honorary Game Warden with the Kenya Wildlife Service and founder of the Walk With Rangers initiative.

Ms. Hawa has published an open letter to Mr. Knowlton, expressing sadness at the threats he has received in heated debates on online forums. The open letter also addresses the conservation values of old rhinos which Mr. Knowlton contradicts in referring to the rhino as 'too old to breed' and deeming it valueless. Her views on this have been backed by world- reknowned wildlife biologist and documentary host, Ian Redmond.

Other conservationists speaking out through the initiative are Kuki Gallman, who has cited her personal 40 years of experience working with wild rhinos in Africa.

The initiative will be presenting a petition to Mr. Knowlton and DSC signed by rangers and conservationists from the field in the coming few weeks, saying they are frustrated that the voices of those who really are saving species to the point of risking their lives, are too often ignored.

The open letter is available to read as an attachment to this e-press release.
Walk With Rangers is an initiative that will launch in June 2014 aimed at raising awareness and funds to further enhance anti-poaching operations on the ground. The initiative is in collaboration with the Kenya Wildlife Service and it's Tanzanian counterpart.

More information here: www.walkwithrangers.com

Contact for response via email on: admin@walkwithrangers.com

Or contact Raabia Hawa directly on phone: +254-728-703050

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  • Louise Dickinson

    Louise Dickinson

    23 January 2014 at 12:17 |
    this is so moving... i wish you all the best. Now the world knows the truth, they may support you more ..


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