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Happy new year!


aliria me and my group from school are doing a project on animals and we want to help and we want to know if you need any help. If you do tell us 3 years ago
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#‎Disease‬ Threatens ‪#‎Chimpanzee‬ Conservation Efforts in ‪#‎Gombe‬, ‪#‎Tanzania

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Watch ‪#‎Rhino‬ Film 'STROOP' ‪#‎Trailer‬ - an ‪#‎Afrikaans‬#‎film‬ about a ‪#‎woman‬'s journey to find out what South Africans are doing to... Show more

Watch Afrikaans Rhino Film 'STROOP' Trailer

'STROOP' is an Afrikaans film about a woman's journey to find out what South Africans are doing to ensure the survival of rhinos. Pledge as little...

Croc regrets chomping this elephant’s trunk.
A bathing bull elephant got a painful surprise when a 13-foot crocodile chomped down on his trunk at a...
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#Zimbabwe‬ Planning to Boost Its Sales of Baby ‪#Elephants‬, Sources Say…

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