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US, Namibia: Seal slaughter demonstrations at White House

Saturday, 23 June 2012 Hits 4631 Categories In Focus | Seals

On July 1, 2012 The Republic of Namibia will begin 139 days of barbaric wildlife carnage ~ the largest slaughter of marine wildlife in the world ~ separating over 90,000 baby Cape Fur Seals from their mothers ~ brutally stabbing & clubbing them to death ~ $7.00 a fur pelt. Over 6,000 Bull Seals will be shot in the head ~ for their penises ~ to be used as ineffective aphrodisiacs. Turkish citizen, Hatem Yavuz, "The Butcher of Namibia" has repeatedly encouraged specious and questionable government contracts to bloody the beaches of Namibia ~ year after year.


Tanzania: Water Melons Spell Death to Elephants

Saturday, 23 June 2012 Hits 3030 Categories Elephants | Wildlife News | In Focus | Ivory

To people who rejoice with consuming healthy food, water melons are of high nutritional value. Likewise in the wild water melons and pumpkins are delicacies to some wild animals especially elephants. The problem now is that poachers are using both to lure and deplete elephants. A water melon laced with poison is capable of killing an elephant within minutes.


INTERPOL's largest operation combating illegal ivory trafficking targets criminal syndicates

Thursday, 21 June 2012 Hits 2453 Categories Elephants | Wildlife News | In Focus | Ivory

INTERPOL's largest ever transnational operation targeting criminal organizations behind the illegal trafficking of ivory has resulted in more than 200 arrests and the seizure of nearly two tonnes of contraband elephant ivory.


Attenborough Warns Rio Conference: "Don’t ignore population"

Saturday, 16 June 2012 Hits 2092 Categories Wildlife News | In Focus

Sir David Attenborough, Jonathon Porritt and former Chief Scientist Lord May have warned the Rio Earth Summit that it will make no progress if it ignores the problem of population growth. They were among a group of eminent people, Patrons and Supporters of Population Matters, to sign a statement on behalf of the environmental charity. It points out that "Stable populations are an essential part of any sustainable future – reducing our personal footprint does not help if we keep increasing the number of feet".


Tanzania: Struggle to Save the Serengeti Builds

Friday, 15 June 2012 Hits 3209 Categories Serengeti | In Focus

In March 2011, the German government made an important announcement - It acknowledged that there were legitimate development needs for communities around the park. So in order to avert a road across the Serengeti, it offered funding to build local roads and other projects for these communities. Equally important, it offered to help build a southern route around the Serengeti.

During that same time, the World Bank said it was ready to help finance an alternate route, provided that the Tanzanian government made such a request.


Namibia: Ombudsman not living up to his mandate to protect seals

Wednesday, 13 June 2012 Hits 3137 Categories In Focus | Seals

The Namibian ombudsman, currently Adv. John Walters, is mandated by the constitution of Namibia under Articles 89-94. He has the power to take direct action in providing relief by bringing forth an interdict or other suitable remedy as a means to secure the termination of the offending action or the abandonment or the alteration of the offensive procedures as complained against.


Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park threatened by mining

Friday, 08 June 2012 Hits 4856 Categories Mining | In Focus

The Wild Foundation in 2008 carried details of an impending copper-mining threat to the integrity of the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia. With the issue early in 2011 of a Large-Scale Mining License to the Australian owned Zambezi Resources and its Zambian subsidiary, Mwembeshi Resources, the threat is now very real, particularly given the recent actions of President Banda in launching the Ichimpe Mine on behalf of its Chinese owners before the Environmental Council of Zambia had approved the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).


Namibia: Pressure mounts over seal massacre

Thursday, 24 May 2012 Hits 2653 Categories In Focus | Seals

With only 38 days remaining to the Namibian seal hunt, The Seals of Nam are pulling out all the stops and are urging the Namibian government to end the annual carnage of Cape Fur seals. The Ombudsman's report was initially due in March. It was then postponed to May, the reason given that Adv. Walters is awaiting the results of an aerial survey. With the government unable to produce a complete survey from 2007 onwards, we seriously question if the results from a survey undertaken in December of 2011 will be finalised before the start of the slaughter season. As such, we reiterate our stance that the Ombudsman's meeting held in September last year was a stall tactic employed by the government so as to proceed with this year's killing spree. We hope to be found wrong.


Kenya: Finding a home for the rhino away from poachers

Friday, 18 May 2012 Hits 13807 Categories Rhinos | In Focus | Rhino Poaching

Despite increasing numbers in scattered populations, it is still a tough fight to save this mega-herbivore. The Nairobi National Park is famed for being the only wilderness park in the world bordering a capital city that can boast free ranging lions as neighbours. Yet few know that the national park is also a vital sanctuary to conserve one of the most endangered mega-herbivores on the planet — the black rhino and the white rhino.


DRC insurgency threatens gorillas

Thursday, 17 May 2012 Hits 3931 Categories Virunga | Wildlife News | Great Apes | In Focus

Kasese – Renewed fighting in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has put the lives of mountain gorillas in the Virunga massif at risk.

The intense fighting, which broke out on May 11 between rebels led by renegade General Bosco Ntaganda and Kinshasa government forces, has resulted in the closure of five patrol posts in DRC's Virunga national park.


South Africa: Govt Makes Some Strides in Fight Against Poaching

Thursday, 17 May 2012 Hits 3888 Categories Wildlife News | In Focus | Ivory | Rhino Poaching

Cape Town — South African soldiers, posted on the SA-Mozambican border to conduct border security patrols, seized 22 poachers and confiscated 19 hunting rifles and AK-47s between April last year and March this year.

The Minister of Defence and Military Veterans Lindiwe Sisulu, briefing media before her Budget Vote in Parliament on Thursday, said these poachers had been referred to the Hawks for further investigation.


DRCongo army forces bomb rebels in famed African Virunga National Park

Friday, 11 May 2012 Hits 2323 Categories Virunga | In Focus

GOMA, DR Congo — Government forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo launched airstrikes Saturday against mutineers near the Rwandan border, where a rebel leader known as the "Terminator" was said to be hiding.

The increasing violence in and around Virunga national park, on the border with Rwanda and Uganda and famed for its volcanos and mountain gorilla population, has also led to the recent death of a ranger.


Open Letter to Congolese Government: Stop Oil Exploration in Virunga National Park

Tuesday, 08 May 2012 Hits 3148 Categories Virunga | In Focus

Virunga National Park, Africa's oldest National Park and home to the last mountain gorillas, is under imminent threat. Currently 85% of the Park has been allocated as oil concessions. British company SOCO International and the French TOTAL, both listed in the listed in the London Stock Exchange, are resuming oil exploration in Virunga National Park, after the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) government suspended these activities for one year.


South Africa: Number of Rhinos Poached Rises to 210

Tuesday, 08 May 2012 Hits 3512 Categories Rhinos | In Focus | Rhino Poaching

Pretoria — The number of rhinos poached in South Africa since the beginning of the year has risen to 210, the Department of Environmental Affairs said.

Of the total number, the Kruger National Park has lost a "disturbing" total of 127 rhinos since January 2012. "Government views the poaching of this national treasure in a very serious light and continues to prioritise our fight against this crime through coordinated, joint efforts," said the department.


Kenya: Stiffer Sentences Will Help Save the Elephant

Tuesday, 01 May 2012 Hits 2315 Categories Elephants | In Focus | Ivory

Two months ago ivory poachers caught in West Laikipia in the act of hacking out the tusks of a newly killed elephant were found guilty and fined Sh15,000. This happened in the same court that sentenced a livestock thief to seven years imprisonment for the crime of stealing one sheep. And it happened all on the same day.

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