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Namibian Dolphin Project Research Internship

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Namibian Dolphin Project Research Internship

The Namibian Dolphin Project research internship is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students and enthusiasts to join dedicated scientists who are conducting marine research in a challenging, beautiful and remote environment. The Namibian Dolphin Project focuses its research along the desert coast of Namibia at Walvis Bay, within the highly productive Benguela upwelling system.     As part of this program, interns are extremely important members of a focused and dedicated research team and will be immersed in pioneering research. This is an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to exciting marine research, as well as experience the frustrations, the highs, lows and achievements associated with ambitious marine research in Africa.

Job Role: Intern activities include but are not limited to:   •Assisting in running research vessel (6m RIB) and research station •Visual surveys to investigate dolphin distribution  •Above-water photo ID of cetaceans and photo processing for analysis •Above water genetic sampling of dolphin and whale species* and basic processing of samples for storage •Behavioural sampling of bottlenose dolphins •Acoustic monitoring of bottlenose dolphin vocalisations •Static acoustic monitoring of dolphins using CPOD’s to monitor presence and behaviour in key habitats *Actual taking of skin samples will be limited to NDP scientists, and interns will assist in the processing of samples   

Interns will be directly involved in the collection of photo identification, behavioural and acoustic data in the field, and will gain skills in photograph grading, data input, processing and analysis. Interns would be expected to attend any strandings that may occur. When not in the field interns will also be involved with the development of educational materials or working on a small research project of their choosing.

Interns would primarily be assisting in data collection of Heaviside's (Cephalorhychus heavisidii) and bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) and humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae).    

Qualifications, knowledge & experience: A maximum of five interns will be accepted per month between March and August 2015. As such we limit applications to current students or recent graduates with a Collage or University degree (BSc or MSc) in biology or zoology.  

Personal skills and attributes: 1) Organised and conscientious 2) Enthusiastic, self-motivated and willing to get involved with all aspects of the research 3) Able to work as a member of the team or alone 4) Patient and flexible to changes     Cost: USD 2100 per month     

Application:    Prospective interns should send a letter of motivation and their CV/resume to to apply to the program. 


Namibian Dolphin Project



Application Deadline

Saturday, 28 February 2015

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