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Wildlife Vet Intern

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Manage and administer the treatment and daily care of all sick and injured animals in the care of the Trust, including primates in the long term rehabilitation programme under the guidance of the consultant Vet;

Carry out the storage of drugs in the veterinary clinic to the standards of the KVB, and the Trust's policies and procedures;

Carry out the cleaning of the veterinary clinic, quarantine area and rehabilitation enclosures to the standards of the KVB, PASA and the Trust's policies and procedures;

Implement comprehensive record keeping systems, computer and paper copies;

Respond to animal welfare calls in a timely basis;

Lead the Trust's team on animal welfare call-outs;

Follow the Field Procedures manual in the assessment, capture and release of all animals;

Follow the Animal Welfare manual for the treatment of all animals;

Feed and clean animals in care daily as per the Trust's policies and procedures in

collaboration with the Animal Care Officer and with the assistance of


Follow special procedures for neonates, pregnant and lactating animals;

Carry out monthly stock take of drugs and materials and reordering as necessary;

Liaise with Diani hospitals on any infectious diseases that may affect the primates of Diani or infectious diseases in the primate population that may be a risk to people;

Ensure procedural documents on hand for cases of emergency outbreaks inside the facility or outside (in Diani) with regular review and updating of key contacts;

Carry out training as necessary to staff and volunteers;

Write proposals for development of the veterinary facilities;

Follow the health and safety guidelines for animal handling;

Write daily blogs of the Trust's achievements for all associated on-line sites;

Participate in eco-tours when necessary;

Perform any other duties as may be assigned by management from time to time.

This is a volunteer position and as such no wage, salary or stipend in available. However, the Trust will provide basic food and accomodation. Accomodation will be a bed in a shared 4 bed room, with housekeeping and laundry and food for three meals a day.

Work hours are 6 days a week (including Saturday and Sunday) from 8-5pm and on call as required to cover the 24 hour rescue line.

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